Ultralight Aviation This AC attempts to make you aware that test moving an aircraft is a critical undertaking, that you should approach with thorough planning, skill, and insight.a Ultralight aircraft is probably any kind of soaring contraption that meets FAR part to meet part 103 it must weigh 254 lbs or less, have a max level speed of 63 mph, not more than five gas gallons, and mostly one seat.

It adviced that you let us to train you in cross country navigation so you don’t get lost up there.

Well, we were always usually looking for an excuse to go moving, if you will like to get a demo flight in our Quicksilver and our Challenger to you must proceed with. On p of that, the FAA figures that ifyou can’t get anyone with you andyou have extremely quite low speed and rather low weight, you are not going to hurt anyone on ground. The Quicksilver was probably a lower speed big drag aircraft that flies a lot like most ultralights. Fact, it going to be good training for the Aerolite 103 also or simply about any another ultralight type.

Ultralight Aviation Remember however that FAR intent part 103 ain’t to keep you from getting hurt, And so it’s to keep you from hurting anyone else!

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With ultralight training we focus on essentials to keep you from getting hurt with reality that you may stop training and start soaring at as always, many of us know that there are solid amount of similarities. Notice that With Sport Pilot training we are focused on teaching you in a systematic process ward passing our written and practical exams. Please we will understand as long as manageable in training process we may focus on those requirements and keep our overall training time to a minimum, So in case our own the main plan is probably to pursue a Sport Pilot rating. We offer specialized ultralight training in our SLSA Quicksilver Sport two SE.

For example, For better results, you may obtain a really new Quicksilver ultralight and it will handle nearly identical to what we train in. All that to say that although no training is probably required to move ultralights, good training is highly required to keep from getting hurt. Notice, With Sport Pilot training we will teach you systematically through subject all material required to meet Sport Pilot requirements.